These Wheels FRF727 75mm

by: These

These Wheels are back in an all new, super-smooth FRF727 forumla! The 75mm features a slightly offset bearing seat, making it easier for the rider to initiate a standup slide on these larger wheels with an enlarged contact patch. Featuring some of the most resilient and longest-lasting freeride urethane we've ever felt, These wheels are one of the wisest investments you can make for your freeride setup. Butter smooth from 75mm all the way down to the core, these round lipped wheels have a super predictable breaking point and always slide just how you would expect them to. The secret behind the butter-smooth slide these wheels give you is the wider and larger than average core which firmly holds the outer urethane in place during a slide.



Category: 727 FRF These Wheels

Type: Longboard Wheels

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