Rayne Phantom

by: Rayne

In 2011, Rayne designers worked with the team to replaced both the Catalyst and Agent with the Renegade. The Phantom, like the Renegade is a symmetrical double-kick in Rayne's signature bamboo and fibreglass construction.

Looking at the progression of downhill skateboarding, more and more riders are taking double-kicks downhill! The Phantom helps make that more accessible with a slightly longer wheelbase then the Renegade and some additional bamboo to make it a bit thicker and stiffer for downhill speed. Now you can throw down 360s, blunts, manuals, knee slides and ollies sessioning a hill with some serious Rayne steez and still hit the skatepark, bowls, pools and banks all the way home!

Length: 37" 
Width: 9.375" 
Wheel Base: 18" - 19" 

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