Lakai Staple Navy / Gum Suede Rick Howard Anchor

by: Lakai

Originally introduced in 2001, the Staple was a breath of fresh air on a skate shop wall of puffy éS and Circa models, not to mention the infamous D3. The cupsole model was sleek, subtle and thin, yet durable and sufficiently padded. What really sold the Staple, however, was watching our favorite skaters jock them during repeated viewings of Yeah Right, Bon Appetit!, and Mosaic. The Staple was replaced by the Staple 2 in 2003, and the whole design was eventually phased out of the Lakai line well before the 2007 release of Fully Flared. As such, most of Lakai’s later models, such as the Manchester, held the spotlight. The shoe was rereleased in 2010 as part of Lakai’s tenth anniversary pack, and if Mike Carroll’s instagram is any indication, a revamped Staple is going to be joining the Lakai line for good.

The biggest change to the new Staple is obviously the sole. Lakai swapped out the original cupsole pattern for the vulcanized herringbone tread found on the Vincent Alvarez, among other models. Still present are the toe and heel foxing tape, giving the sole its 2001 flavor. What’s more, the shoe’s profile has been slimmed down to give it a more modern feel. Gone is the stitched on suede toecap; a rubber toecap has been heat transferred on in its place. The tongue is much thinner than that of its predecessor, and the revamped Staple also includes tongue-centering straps. That’s not to say the shoe is totally different; beyond the three key differences mentioned, the shoe’s upper and paneling remains more or less unchanged.

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