Nick Dbk

What is Your Name? Nick D'bk

Nickname? D'bkray

How old are you? 12

Where are you from originally? What do you call home now? Colorado

How long have you been riding a skateboard? Since 2010. So, 4 years?

What's your favorite thing to skate? Math problems

Favorite skater? Inspiration? Coop

What do you listen to? Anything besides Rolo's turrible music.

Preferred method of contact? Fax

Hardest #Yolo? Hmm, there was once a time in Arizona where a couple 40's and I took a drift trike full speed off a kicker straight to the E.R.

Who else sponsors you? Flow team Madrid and Venom. #Teamsteelies 
Db'kray is infamous for his party shenanigans and rocks one of the most legendary race suit in the game. 




Photos by Justin Rouleau and Andrew Karnowka